P O P U P   P A R T Y


Crafted and curated styles

All pieces are either handmade in the UK or personally curated by me - Chloe.

This is jewellery that's been created and selected with love, for women who are young at heart.

Think modern boho style that's effortlessly cool.

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Exclusive pieces from the last popup party

Chloe - Chief Visionary and Jewellery Designer at Keshinomi

Hi, I'm Chloe

The Chief Visionary behind Keshinomi. I'm also a wife, mama to 3, yoga loving, lunar living, collector of crystals.

Join me in the Keshinomi Member's Club, it's the chill out party for busy mamas to come, unwind and treat themselves to things that inspire joy.

I'm on a mission to bring meaningful gems and beautiful treasures to effortlessly cool women so they can inspire good vibes in their day.

This is FOR US, because we are worthy of feeling amazing and stylish, no matter what our age or how many kids we do or don't have!

See you in the Member's Club...
Chloe x


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